Charlotte the Pig Celebrates a Birthday

Date: 6/17/23

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Randall Oaks Zoo

Join us throughout the year and celebrate the birthdays of our animals. Come and sign their giant card, sing Happy Birthday, and watch them get a special birthday treat. Regular zoo admission rates apply. Check out the list of upcoming birthdays.

April 15 - Jalapeno the Porcupine
March 26 - Sweet Pea the Mini Zebu
May 27 - Cedar the Woodchuck
June 17 - Charlotte the Pig
July 23 - Marley the Bobcat
August 20 - Tator Tot & Mohawk the Guinea Pigs
September 9 - Tarzan the Macaw
October 15 - Giggles the Pony
November 5 - Piper the Red Fox
December 10 - Elmer the Dromedary Camel

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