Capital Projects and Park Improvements

The Capital Budget is a work plan consisting of projects to be implemented in 2023. This plan may be modified throughout the year due to unforeseen conditions and the reallocation of resources. Each year, projects are re-evaluated and adjusted as conditions and demands change. The Park Board approves the plan on an annual basis.

It's also important to note that the Dundee Township Park District's mission, vision, and core values all guide the District's operations and decision-making, particularly when determining and prioritizing improvement projects.

What Constitutes a Capital Project?

The Capital Plan consists of items that meet the following criteria:

  • The monetary value of at least $10,000
  • A life cycle with a minimum of three years
  • Repair/replacement of existing facilities
  • Land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the extension of existing services and land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the development of new services. 

Included within the above definition of a capital project are the following items:

  • Construction of new facilities
  • Remodeling or expansion of existing facilities
  • Purchase, improvement, and development of land
  •  Operating equipment and machinery for new or expanded facilities
  • Planning and engineering costs related to specific capital improvements

A vital component of the Capital Improvements Plan is the Playground Replacement Program. The District plans to replace each of its playgrounds on a 20-year rotation. 

Dundee Township Park District continues to improve its parks and facilities. Listed below are highlights of projects currently in the planning phase or recently completed. Our 5-year capital plan will be posted at the start of each fiscal year after approval from the board of commissioners.

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Project Highlights 

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If you'd like to know more about any of these projects, please get in touch with the Parks & Planning Department  at (847) 428-7131 or with any questions, and you will be transferred to the project manager.

Are you interested in Upcoming Projects? View current Bids & Proposals.  

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