Corporate Memberships

Let your employees know you care–promote health and fitness. A minimum of 5 employees are required to begin and maintain a corporate membership. New members may be added at any time during the year.

To initiate a corporate rate, the corporation must present a letter with a list of at least five employees. This list must be on file before employees can sign up for corporate membership, and each employee must bring proof of employment. Minimum numbers of 5 employees will be required to receive corporate rates. New members may be added at any time during the year.

Annual Corporate Fee Estimated Monthly Payment
5 or More Members $359 per person $30 per person

Corporate On-Site Exercise Sessions

Attention, all business owners! Corporations with employees who exercise have fewer injuries, fewer sick days, and, more importantly, productive employees!! Do you want that? The Dundee Township Park District can provide the stepping stones for success. Our Fitness team can provide on-site group training sessions or group exercise classes. We can offer a weekly, monthly, or special event program. Let's work together to improve the health of your employees. Call at (847) 428-7131 x2203 to discuss your options.

Other Fitness Memberships