Call or text the site phone number by 1:30 pm that day. (The site phone number is the number you call or text at pick up.) Remember no one is at the site until 2 pm so no one will be there to answer the call. Failure to notify the site of an absence will result in a $5 no call fee.

No, COF no longer provides a snack or drink. Please send a snack and a refillable water bottle with your child each day.

If you have a balance due and you will not be changing the credit card information, yes, you can pay online. Please see the instructions by clicking here. This only applies if you have a balance due–it cannot be completed in lieu of monthly billing.

1. Tell your child they need to go to COF FIRST to check in, then attend the activity.
2. Notify the site via text message (state child name, name of activity, date and time of activity).
3. Complete this waiver.

*This also applies to helping a teacher after school.

There are 10 months of school. Fees are calculated by dividing the full year fee by 10 so the monthly payments are consistent. While you “pay more” in December since they’re attending less days, you’ll “pay less” in months like September or April.

Using cell phones or smart watches during COF is not allowed. If a participant uses such a device during the program, they will be asked to put it away in their backpack. If they fail to comply, the device will be held by staff until pick up.

NO ONE (participants nor staff) will be released until cleared by law enforcement. We need to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.