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Randall Oaks Park Rentals

Randall Oaks Park is the largest of the district's parks, boasting 141 acres of space. It provides the ideal place for a company picnic, birthdays, school events or reunions.

  • Two Shelters with electricity and charcoal grills
  • One Shelter with the above amenities plus a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, field-stone fireplace and attached restrooms
  • Six Picnic areas “ each with a charcoal grill and five tables
  • Playgrounds, volleyball areas, open fields, and disc golf
  • Hayrides are available (additional fees)

Reservations are required for picnic areas and shelters. See below to reserve your shelter or picnic area today. If you have questions or problems, please call Park Services at (847) 551-4310.

Picnic Reservation Form 

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Rental Fees 2024

Front Shelter

Includes a grill and 8-10 tables
Fee: $190 Resident/$230 Nonresident
(Closest to Randall Oaks Zoo and two playgrounds; accommodates 150 guests comfortably.)

Back Shelter

Includes a grill and 8-10 tables
Fee: $210 Resident/$250 Nonresident
(About 300 yards southwest of the Zoo along the road with sand volleyball area; accommodates 150 guests comfortably.)

Community Shelter

Includes a grill and 13 tables
Fee: $290 Resident/$345 Nonresident
(Furthest shelter on the park's south side near the hidden playground; accommodates 200 guests.)

Picnic Area

Includes five picnic tables and a grill
Fee: $70 Resident/$85 Nonresident (entire day)
(Recommended for up to 40 people. If you have more people in your group you will need to rent an additional picnic area nearby. Additional tables $25 each)

Alcohol is only permitted with a certificate of insurance.
The permit must be sent to us for approval. Please send to

Alcohol Permit

Entire Front of Park

Shelter & picnic areas 1-6
Fee: $1,250 Resident/$1,350 Nonresident

Entire Park

All three shelters and picnic areas 1-6 (400+ guests)
Fee: $1,800 Resident/$1,950 Nonresident

Hayride & Bonfire

Available Friday-Sunday from September 6 - November 10, 2024
To book your hayride reservation please fill out the form below and email it to or call the Park Services at 847-551-4310, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-3:00 pm. 

Hayride Registration Form

Hayride and Bonfire Packages
Front/Back Shelters 2 Hours R/NR 4 Hours R/NR 6 Hours R/NR
Single Rack $160/$175 $230/$245 $300/$315
Double Rack $260/$275 $330/$345 $400/$415
Double Rack x2 (120 guests) $420/$445 $500/$515
Community Shelter 2 Hours R/NR 4 Hours R/NR 6 Hours R/NR
Single Rack $210/$235 $360/$380 $510/$530
Double Rack  $310/$330 $460/$480 $610/$630
Double Rack X2 (120 guests)  $560/$580 $710/$730


Add a Hayride (single wagon) to your picnic or shelter reservation. (30 people per wagon)
Fee: $140 Resident/$165 Nonresident

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