Fall Program Guide

20 | Dundee Township Park District • Fall 2022 • www.dtpd.org Please wear athletic clothing that is easy to move in (no jeans), tennis shoes, and have hair pulled back off of the face. Performance opportunities may be available. Batons will be available to purchase from the instructor. Pre-Baton Twirling 4-5 years “Ready, set, twirl!” Learn the basics of baton twirling and dance in this special class, just for younger students. Dance, marching, musicality, and rhythm will be incorporated into combinations and routines. Contractual 44259-00 Sept. 8-Oct. 20 Th/4:30-5:00 pm $25(R)/$45(NR) RORC 44259-01 Oct. 27-Dec. 15* Th/4:30-5:00 pm $25(R)/$45(NR) RORC No Class: 11/24 Baton Twirling - Level 1 6-12 years Learn the fundamentals of baton twirling and dance in this fun and creative class. Basic full hand twirls, simple tosses, and dance steps will be put together into fun combinations. Performance opportunities may be available. Contractual 44260-00 Sept. 8-Oct. 20 Th/5:00-6:00 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC 44260-01 Oct. 27-Dec. 15* Th/5:00-6:00 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/24 Baton Twirling- Level 2 6-15 years Building on the skills from Level 1, more complex twirling and dance skills will be introduced. Get ready for a variety of releases and catches in both hands, high aerials, and more difficult rolls. Performance opportunities may be available. Contractual 44261-00 Sept. 8-Oct. 20 Th/6:00-7:00 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC 44261-01 Oct. 27-Dec. 15* Th/6:00-7:00 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/24 Basic Baton Skills for Competition 6-15 years This class is for twirlers who want to compete in individual events and have completed at least one session of our Level 2 classes. Twirlers must also be registered in Level 2 to participate. Students will learn a solo twirling routine and be introduced to the fundamentals of competitive baton twirling. Contractual 44262-00 Sept. 8-Oct. 20 Th/7:00-7:30 pm $25(R)/$45(NR) RORC 44262-01 Oct. 27-Dec. 15* Th/7:00-7:30 pm $25(R)/$45(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/24 Baton Twirling For Adults 16 years & older All experience levels welcome! Whether you have never twirled before or are ready to strut your stuff again, join us for fun and exercise. All participants will work at their own pace. Contractual 44264-00 Sept. 8-Oct. 20 Th/7:30-8:30 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC 44264-01 Oct. 27-Dec. 15* Th/7:30-8:30 pm $50(R)/$70(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/24 Baton Rainout Line Download the Free Rainout Line App Call (224) 204-0026 or visit www.dtpd.org Sign up for Email Alerts Sign up for Text Alerts Be alerted toweather closures, delays, or changes in hours.