Fall Program Guide

24 | Dundee Township Park District • Fall 2022 • www.dtpd.org Sports Pee Wee Sports & Fitness - Sports R Us 3-4 years with parent We will introduce different sports through fun fitness activities. We will have a fun obstacle course and various fitness activities to help build self-confidence, gross/fine motor skills and overall coordination. Your child will start developing socialization, teamwork and listening skills. Fun sports games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 42952-01 Sept. 9-Oct. 14 F/4:30-5:15 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC 42952-02 Oct. 28-Dec. 9* F/4:30-5:15 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/25 Soccer/Basketball Combo - Sports R Us 3-4 years with optional parent Parents can work with their children on developing socialization, teamwork, direction following, and key motor skills. Dribbling, shooting, and passing will be some of the skills that the children will learn. The first three weeks of class will focus on soccer, while the final three weeks will focus on basketball. Fun games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 47400-01 Sept. 10-Oct. 15 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC 47400-02 Oct. 29-Dec. 10* Sa/9:00-9:45 am $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/26 Soccer & T-Ball - Sports R Us 3-4 years Socialization, teamwork, following directions, key motor skills and having fun will be the focus in this non-competitive environment. For the first three weeks of class we will focus on soccer, and for the next three weeks, we will work on baseball skills. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 42980-01 Sept. 7-Oct. 12 W/4:00-4:45 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC 42980-02 Oct. 26-Dec. 7* W/4:00-4:45 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/23 Lil Pint Basketball - Sports R Us 5-6 years Slam dunk fun in this pint-sized class. With the use of age- appropriate equipment, participants will start building the fundamentals for simple drills. Participants will learn skills in passing, shooting, dribbling, and the rules of the game. Teamwork, participation, and good sportsmanship are all stressed throughout the class. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 42950-01 Sept. 10-Oct. 15 Sa/10:00-10:45 am $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC 42950-02 Oct. 29-Dec. 10* Sa/10:00-10:45 am $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/26 Lil Pint Soccer - Sports R Us 5-6 years All the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting and goaltending are taught in a non-competitive environment. Teamwork, participation and good sportsmanship are stressed. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 42951-01 Sept. 9-Oct. 14 F/5:30-6:15 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC 42951-02 Oct. 28-Dec. 9* F/5:30-6:15 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/25 Team Sports - Sports R Us 5-6 years Take on a fun challenge with your friends in soccer, basketball, and baseball! Participants will be given instruction and advance skills in various team sports that we will be playing each week. Games are played at the end of each class. Contractual 47020-01 Sept. 7-Oct. 12 W/5:00-5:45 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC Lets Go Girls! - Sports R Us 5-7 years This mini-camp is a great way to introduce basketball, soccer, hockey, T-ball and much more in an all-girl environment. Basic skills in all sports are taught, and games are played at the end of each class. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 42971-01 Dec. 26-30 M-F/10:00-11:30 am $94(R)/$109(NR) RA 42971-02 Jan. 2-6 M-F/10:00-11:30 am $94(R)/$109(NR) RA Little Dunkers - 5 Star Sports 5-7 years Jump! Pass! Shoot! Score! Boys and Girls, get ready to learn the basics of basketball in this introductory program. In this class, simple fundamental skills will be taught to get the children interested in the game. Each participant will learn the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting. Teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fun will also be stressed. Contractual 47500-01 Sept. 11-Oct. 16* Su/10:00-10:45 am $57(R)/$72(NR) RORC 47500-02 Nov. 13-Dec. 18* Su/10:00-10:45 am $57(R)/$72(NR) RORC *No Class: 10/9, 11/20 Floor Hockey - Sports R Us 5-9 years This class is for both the experienced player and the beginner. This fast-paced, low-competition class will promote shooting, passing, teamwork, positions, and game strategies. We provide the sticks and pucks; safety goggles and mouth guards are recommended but not necessary. Contractual Ages 5-6 42978-02 Oct. 26-Dec. 7* W/5:00-5:45 pm $52(R)/$68(NR) RORC Ages 7-9 42978-04 Oct. 26-Dec. 7* W/6:00-7:00 pm $63(R)/$78(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/23 Basketball Speed & Agility Camp - Sports R Us 6-11 years Offensive and defensive strategies will be covered thoroughly. Most of the camp will be playing basketball and working on improving your basketball skills. Camps will be taught by skilled basketball players. Our speed and agility training session is built to make our participants faster, stronger and more agile. We use SKLZ equipment, ladders, hurdles and more for our class which is highly recommended by multiple coaches and trainers. Contractual Ages 6-8 42993-01 Dec. 26-30 M-F/12:00-1:30 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RORC 42993-02 Jan. 2-6 M-F/12:00-1:30 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RORC Ages 9-11 42994-01 Dec. 26-30 M-F/1:30-3:00 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RA 42994-02 Jan. 2-6 M-F/1:30-3:00 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RA