Fall Program Guide

www.dtpd.org • Fall 2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 29 Early Childhood Fun To Be Me 3-4 years Two hours of fun and socialization through songs, show-and-tell, crafts, games, story time, snack and more! Activities will be based on weekly themes. Sign-up fast for this popular class that will help your childfindhis or her independence. Childrenmust be toilet trained. 44102-00 Sept. 12-Oct. 24* M/9:30-11:30 am $72(R)/$92(NR) RA 44102-01 Oct. 31-Dec. 12* M/9:30-11:30 am $72(R)/$92(NR) RA *No Class: 10/10, 11/21 I Speak Spanish 3-6 years Expand your child’s world to the Spanish language in this Spanish immersion class developed especially for very young learners. Children will be immersed in the Spanish language through fun and educational activities and music. New and exciting material each session! Taught by Language in Actions, Inc. instructor. Contractual 44273-00 Sept. 14-Oct. 19 W/5:00-5:45 pm $95(R)/$115(NR) RA 44273-01 Oct. 26-Dec. 7* W/5:00-5:45 pm $95(R)/$115(NR) RA *No Class: 11/23 Young Rembrandts - Mouse Cookies and Crayons Jr. Workshop 4-6 years Children will explore the world of Laura Numeroff in this 3-day workshop full of art and reading. Each day the class will read a different Laura Numeroff book, and afterwards, students will draw aYoung Rembrandts lesson which incorporates one feature of the book they’ve enjoyed reading together. Students will create wonderful drawings and bring their favorite stories to life by combining creativity and imagination. Sign up your reading artist today! Contractual 44152-00 Dec. 27-29 Tu-Th/10:00 am-12:00 pm $86(R)/$106(NR) RORC Basketball 3 ½-5 years The fundamentals of basketball will be introduced in a fun and playful environment. 44106-01 Nov. 1-Dec. 13* Tu/10:30-11:15 am $43(R)/$63(NR) RA *No Class: 11/8, 11/22 Basketball & Hockey 4-5 years This class will introduce basketball and hockey and focus on the basics of these two favorites. Gross motor skills will be enhanced, and your children will have fun!! 44127-00 Nov. 2-Dec. 14* W/10:30-11:15 am $51(R)/$71(NR) RORC *No Class: 11/23 T-Ball and Soccer 4-5 years This class will introduce T-ball and soccer and focus on the basics of these two favorites. Gross motor skills will be enhanced, and your children will have fun!! 44128-00 Sept. 14-Oct. 19 W/10:30-11:15 am $51(R)/$71(NR) RORC Early Childhood Sports Developmental Soccer League See Page 22 9:30-11:30 am Fridays • September 16-December 9* Tuesdays • November 1-December 6* *No Preschool Open Gym 10/28, 11/8, 11,25, 11/25 9 months-6 years with parent Randall Oaks Recreation Center $5 Drop-in Fee/$3 Sibling Fee Get a punch card, after 10 visits the eleventh is FREE. Balls, slides, sports, tunnels & more!