Spring Program Guide

POOL PASS HOLDER BENEFITS • Pool pass holders receive priority entrance 30-minutes prior to daily admission patrons. • Unlimited admission at three great locations: Dolphin Cove Family Aquatic Center Rakow Center Indoor Pool Sleepy Hollow Pool SplAsh SAVINGS INTO APRI L 5-MAY 28 Purchase or renew your pool pass from Off 20 % RECEIVE www.dtpd.org Additional Family Member Resident $15/Nonresident $16 each. Children age 2 and younger are FREE ^20% Discount Applied (R)=RESIDENT/(NR)=NONRESIDENT April 5-May 28^ BeginningMay 28 Individual $64 (R) /$96 (NR) $80 (R) /$120 (NR) Family of 2 $115 (R) /$173 (NR) $144 (R) /$216 (NR) Family of 3 $163 (R) /$245 (NR) $204 (R) /$306 (NR) Family of 4 $205 (R) /$307 (NR) $256 (R) /$384 (NR) Family of 5 $240 (R) /$360 (NR) $300 (R) /$450 (NR) *Between April 5-May 28 While supplies last. RECEIVE A SPECIAL GIFT * Pool passes can be purchased at the Randall Oaks Recreation Center, Rakow Center, and at Dolphin Cove (beginning May 28). For proof of residency, two of the following items are required: current driver’s license, utility bill, rent receipt, proof of ownership, or tax bill. Children 21 years and younger must bring a document that has their name on it (i.e. birth certificate, report card, etc.). Childrenmust live in the same household as their parent/guardian to be eligible for a family pass.