www.dtpd.org • Spring 2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 13 Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time due to guidelines. Youth Violin Lessons 3-18 years Instruction focuses on confidence, discipline, hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory, tone, and offers a fun, well-rounded and in-depth learning experience. Our teaching method introduces the violin to young children from the first lesson. Violin rentals are available at $25/month. For ages 3 - 6 years, a parent must be present. Time slots for classes will be assigned once students register. www.themartinlopezacademy. com Contractual Group Lessons 24240-00 April 5-May 24* Tu/12:00-8:00 pm $228(R)/$248(NR) RA Private Lessons - Beginners 24240-01 April 5-May 24* Tu/12:00-8:00 pm $273(R)/$293(NR) RA Private Lessons - Intermediate & Advanced 24240-02 April 5-May 24* Tu/12:00-8:00 pm $364(R)/$384(NR) RA *No Class: 5/3 Kids Cooking Camp 4-12 years Each week we will make a different recipe such as cupcake decorating, pizza, banana foster french toast, holiday favorites, homemade ice cream, hot chocolate bombs or Pico de Gallo. An ingredient list or supply list will be provided for participants or an ingredient kit can be purchased and picked up prior to the class (day of ). All participants that take the class in person will be provided an ingredient kit and recipe card. Contractual 24215-00 April 11-25 M/5:00-5:45 pm $102(R)/$122(NR) RA 24215-01 April 11-25 M/5:00-5:45 pm $74(R)/$94(NR) Virtual Ingredient Kit 24215-02 April 11-25 M/5:00-5:45 pm $35(R)/$55(NR) RA Magic 101 5-12 years Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the “Magic Teamof Gary Kantor!”Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more. All materials are provided, and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and learn age- appropriate tricks. You can sign up for this class again and again since brand new tricks are always taught at each session! Contractual 24181-00 April 11 M/6:45-7:40 pm $20(R)/$40(NR) RA Online Magic Class 5-12 years This class teaches children how to perform a number of mind-boggling tricks using everyday household items. Professional magician Gary Kantor will start by explaining the secrets to the tricks, and then both Gary and the children will practice everything in great detail. The children will have a blast as they learn exactly what to say and do when performing in front of an audience. This online class can be taken whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Your entire family can even take this class together! Be sure to sign up for this class again since new tricks are taught each session. (You will be sent an email with the household items that are needed for the class.) Contractual 24183-00 April 4-May 2 45-minute video $13(R)/$23(NR) Virtual Piano Lessons 5-18 years Piano lessons go beyond traditional lessons and make learning piano exciting by engaging the total musician. Students train their ears to hear, voice to sing, hands to play, and eyes to read music. Students perform for each other, play games to learn notes and rhythms, learn to write music, play in ensembles, as well as participate in recitals! A $40 material fee will be collected at the first class. If enrolling in a second session, there will be no material fee. Contractual Ages 5-6 24247-00 March 28-April 25 M/4:00-4:40 pm $91(R)/$111(NR) TMH 24247-01 May 2-23 M/4:00-4:40 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH Ages 7-9 24247-02 March 29-April 26 Tu/4:30-5:10 pm $91(R)/$111(NR) TMH 24247-03 May 3-24 Tu/4:30-5:10 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH Ages 10-18 24247-04 March 29-April 26 Tu/5:15-5:55 pm $91(R)/$111(NR) TMH 24247-05 May 3-24 Tu/5:15-5:55 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH Intermediate Ages 10-18 24247-06 March 29-April 26 Tu/6:00-6:40 pm $143(R)/$163(NR) TMH 24247-07 May 3-24 Tu/6:00-6:40 pm $125(R)/$145(NR) TMH Advanced Ages 13-18 24247-08 March 29-April 26 Tu/6:45-7:25 pm $143(R)/$163(NR) TMH 24247-09 May 3-24 Tu/6:45-7:25 pm $125(R)/$145(NR) TMH SAT 8-12 Years • See Page 3