40 | Dundee Township Park District • Spring 2022 • www.dtpd.org Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time due to guidelines. Adult Photo Editing Classes 16 years & older Learn to use Lightroom for people who want to make their photos look better. Fix basic issues like exposure, white balance and crop. Organize your photos in Lightroom and be able to easily find photos. Edit just parts of the photo with brushes and filters. Learn about presets already in Lightroom. We will talk about sharing and exporting for online sharing. Participants need to have Adobe Lightroom CC installed before class begins. Contractual 24225-01 April 22-May 20 W/8:00-9:00 pm $85(R)/$105(NR) Virtual Baton Twirling For Adults 16 years & older All experience levels are welcome! Join us for fun and exercise if you have never twirled before or are ready to strut your stuff again. All participants will work at their own pace. Baton will be available to purchase from the instructor. Contractual 24264-00 April 7-May 26 Th/7:30-8:30 pm $58(R)/$78(NR) RORC Spanish for Adults 18 years & older Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language, but never had the opportunity? Now is a perfect time! In this relaxed, small-class environment, you will learn Spanish conversation, grammar, and phonetics which you can immediately begin using. This class will be tailored to fit the needs of the students enrolled. Taught by Language in Action, Inc. instructor. Contractual 24271-00 April 20-May 25 W/7:00-8:00 pm $78(R)/$98(NR) RA Adult Horsemanship 18 years & older You will learn all about the proper ways to groom, tack and handle horses. In the saddle, you will learn the basics of riding at the walk and trot. Lessons will be held in our indoor arena during inclement weather. The first day of class is orientation and groundwork. Riders should wear jeans or Jodhpurs pants and hard-soled riding or hiking boots with a small, low heel. Bring an approved riding helmet or bicycle helmet. www.DunhamWoodsFarm.com Contractual 24231-00 March 30-May 4 W/7:00-8:00 pm $172(R)/$192 DWF Photo 1 Cannon/Nikon - Digital Photography 18 years & older This introductory course in digital SLR is designed for users who want to expand their camera knowledge. Topics include proper exposure, action photos, depth of field, close-up flower photo, methods of focus, camera parts, use of flash, proper maintenance, film speeds, and selection of lens. Note: Participants must have their own digital SLR (removable Lens) Zoom link will be sent to your email before class day. Contractual 24210-00 March 4-April 8* F/6:00-7:00 pm $65(R)/$85(NR) Virtual No Class: 3/25 Photo 1- Sony Cameras - Digital Photography 18 years & older Learn your SONY camera. Custom configure your camera for the best images. We go thru all the functions of your Sony camera. Learn your aperture, shutter speed, ISO, then take pictures in manual mode. You will be taking photos with that camera way from auto mode. Participants must have their own camera. Contractual 24211-00 March 4-April 8* F/7:00-8:00 pm $65(R)/$85(NR) Virtual *No Class: 3/25 Photoshop Elements Class 18 years & older You will explore in depth photo editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop Elements. The following topics will be covered: color correction, brightness, and contrast, replacing one part of the image with another, blurring an area of the photo which is in focus already, correcting for improper white balance, sharpening a blurred photo. Contractual 24212-00 April 16-May 14 Sa/9:00-10:00 am $65(R)/$85(NR) Virtual Women’s Volleyball League 18 years & older The women’s league will be one division. Registration deadline and league fee are due March 20. Please check our website for the league schedule. Contact the Athletic Supervisor at (847)428-7131 x2206 for more information. 27051-01 April 4-June 6 M/7:00-10:00 pm $320(R)/$330(NR) RORC Adult Tap and Ballet see page 39 Programs for Children & Adults with Special Needs NISRA (Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association) enriching the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful recreation experiences. NISRA’s programs focus on developing skills, friendships, exploring the community and having fun! For more information, call (815) 459-0737 or see NISRA’s brochure at www.nisra.org