26 | Dundee Township Park District • Summer 2022 • Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time. Early Childhood Rock ‘n’ Kids 1-5 years with parent This interactive class has everyone on their feet! We all learn together while engaging in active, creative music-based activities, while using rhythm instruments and movement props. All class procedures are designed to keep staff and students safe. Activities are age appropriate by class and include songs and rhymes, rhythm and coordination, fine and gross motor, imagination and sensory, listening and following directions skills. Sing, dance, play, learn, and imagine with us! Contractual Tot Rock - 12 months with parent 34170-00 June 9-30 Th/9:30-10:10 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA 34170-01 July 14-Aug. 4 Th/9:30-10:10 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA Kid Rock I - 2 years with parent 34171-00 June 9-30 Th/10:20-11:00 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA 34171-01 July 14-Aug. 4 Th/10:20-11:00 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA Kid Rock II - 3-5 years 34172-00 June 9-30 Th/11:10-11:50 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA 34172-01 July 14-Aug. 4 Th/11:10-11:50 am $44(R)/$64(NR) RA Summer Playtime 18 months-2 years with parent Summer brings an opportunity to relax and enjoy some quality time with your little one. We will share songs, activities and stories about the natural world around us, as your child interacts with others. The instructor will serve as a guide. Sorry, no infants or older children. 34107-00 June 6-17 M,W,F/9:15-10:00 am $50(R)/$70(NR) RA Family Music for Toddlers 2-4 years Cultivate your child’s musical development through songs, rhythm and tonal patterns, drumming, poetry, movement activities, listening games and instruments! Songs and dances explore the seasons and nature, reminding children that music is all around us! Contractual 34245-00 June 1-29 W/11:00-11:35 am $78(R)/$98(NR) TMH 34245-01 July 13-27 W/11:00-11:35 am $47(R)/$67(NR) TMH 34245-02 June 2-30 Th/11:00-11:35 am $78(R)/$98(NR) TMH 34245-03 July 14-28 Th/11:00-11:35 am $47(R)/$67(NR) TMH Fun With Friends Camp 2-4 year optional parent Flutterby with a butterfly, pretend you are a cricket, hug a tree. Discover the world of nature through play, songs, stories, and movement. Follow the instructor as she leads you through activities designed to look at nature through the eyes of your child. Parent involvement optional. Sorry, no infants or older children. 34113-00 June 6-17 M,W,F/10:15-11:00 am $50(R)/$70(NR) RA Tunes for Tots - Let’s Play 2-5 years with parent Weekly activities will focus on many areas of child development. Children will sing songs, listen to stories, and use social, independent and self-care skills. All activities will help develop small muscle control, body awareness, vocabulary, following directions, cause and effect, patience, sharing, and taking turns. Children will explore several activities using different types of materials, dancing, singing and playing with different music instruments. Parents will gain an opportunity to interact with their children away from home and also learn strategies to help their child learn. Contractual 34130-00 June 22-July 13 W/12:00-12:45 pm $55(R)/$75(NR) RA Ooey Gooey Fun 3-5 years Do you love making slime? Then this class is for you! Slime, playdough, and “clean mud” are just a few of the soft, squishy concoctions we will be making and playing within this handson class. The children will help follow a recipe to create gooey mixtures out of everyday household ingredients. Math and science concepts will be incorporated as we count and measure ingredients and watch one form of matter transform into another. Please wear clothes that can get messy. 34115-00 June 10-July 15 F/9:30-10:30 am $65(R)/$85(NR) RA STRIDER™ Camp 3-5 years STRIDER™ Camp uses no-pedal balance bikes to teach kids of all abilities how to ride on two wheels. The curriculum is built around learning, fun, socialization, and instruction intended to ignite a passion for riding. The goal of the course is to help children have the balance and bike handling skills to ride on two wheels and never need training wheels! Please bring a helmet and water bottle to each class. This class will meet outdoors in the west parking lot. 34131-00 June 6-10 M-F/10:30-11:30 am $45(R)/$65(NR) ROSO 34131-01 July 11-15 M-F/10:30-11:30 am $45(R)/$65(NR) ROSO Summer Preschool See Page 25