Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time. • Summer 2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 29 Youth Piano Lessons 5 years & older Piano Lessons go beyond traditional lessons and make learning piano exciting by engaging the total musician. Students train their ears to hear, voice to sing, hands to play, and eyes to read music. Students perform for each other, play games to learn notes and rhythms, learn to write music, play in ensembles, as well as participate in recitals! A $40 material fee will be collected at the first class. If enrolling in a second session, there will be no material fee. Contractual Age 5-6 34247-00 June 6-27 M/4:00-4:40 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH 34247-01 July 11-25 M/4:00-4:40 pm $55(R)/$75(NR) TMH 34247-02 Aug. 1-29 M/4:00-4:40 pm $90(R)/$110(NR) TMH Age 7-9 34247-03 June 7-28 Tu/4:30-5:10 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH 34247-04 July 12-26 Tu/4:30-5:10 pm $55(R)/$75(NR) TMH 34247-05 Aug. 2-30 Tu/4:30-5:10 pm $90(R)/$110(NR) TMH Age 10+ 34247-06 June 7-28 Tu/5:15-5:55 pm $73(R)/$93(NR) TMH 34247-07 July 12-26 Tu/5:15-5:55 pm $55(R)/$75(NR) TMH 34247-08 Aug. 2-30 Tu/5:15-5:55 pm $90(R)/$110(NR) TMH Intermediate Class- 5+ 34247-09 June 7-28 Tu/6:00-6:45 pm $125(R)/$145(NR) TMH 34247-10 July 12-26 Tu/6:00-6:45 pm $94(R)/$114(NR) TMH 34247-11 Aug. 2-30 Tu/5:15-6:00 pm $125(R)/$145(NR) TMH Advanced Class- 5+ 34247-12 June 7-28 Tu/6:45-7:30 pm $125(R)/$145(NR) TMH 34247-13 July 12-26 Tu/6:45-7:30 pm $94(R)/$114(NR) TMH 34247-14 Aug. 2-30 Tu/6:45-7:30 pm $143(R)/$163(NR) TMH Youth Spanish Class 6-11 years Learning a second language can open a world of possibilities for your child. In this class, students will learn Spanish conversation and some Spanish grammar, reading, and writing skills through interactive and engaging activities. New and exciting material each session! Taught by Language in Action, Inc. instructor. Contractual 34270-00 June 22-July 13 W/10:30-11:15 am $52(R)/$72(NR) RA 34270-01 July 20-Aug. 10 W/10:30-11:15 am $52(R)/$72(NR) RA Youth Theater Camp 6-12 years Actors will have fun learning songs and dances from the hit musical ‘Grease’ in this half day camp. Students will build confidence while practicing their singing, dancing, and acting skills as they prepare for a musical theater showcase. Each day of camp will feature games, dancing, singing, and memorizing as well as preparing for the show. Please note: this class will be held outdoors at the Randall Oaks Park back shelter. Please bring a water bottle and snack for your child, these items will not be provided. Information about a performance will be sent out closer to the class based on COVID restrictions at that time. Summer Lovin’- A Tribute to the Musical ‘Grease’ 34280-00 June 6-10 M-F/1:00-4:00 pm $135(R)/$155(NR) ROP Young Rembrandts- Anime & Manga Drawing 6-12 years Why sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons when you can draw amazing characters and awesome scenes of your very own? Join us for five, action-packed days as Young Rembrandts hosts a wonderful Anime and Manga Drawing Workshop. Our students will create dazzling illustrations that are influenced by popular Japanese anime and manga themes. Colorful characters with expressive personalities jump off the page. Our students will be delighted as we create drawings that emulate the popular anime and Manga art styles. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to produce wonderful artwork. Sign up today! Contractual 34151-00 June 13-17 M-F/1:00-3:00 pm $117(R)/$137(NR) RA Young Rembrandts- World of Dinosaurs - PastelsWorkshop 6-12 years Travel back in time to the land of the lost. Join us for a workshop celebrating a favorite topic-dinosaurs! Every day students will learn to use chalk pastels to create impressive and frame-worthy art. Artists will draw and color different types of dinosaurs in varying artistic styles ranging from realism, graphic, and cartoon. Prefect for boys and girls who love the ancient world of big lizards! Sign up today! Contractual 34152-00 Aug. 1-5 M-F/1:00-3:00 pm $117(R)/$137(NR) RA Generation POUND® 6-12 years Harness the power of movement and music to encourage today’s youth to MOVE, ROCK, PLAY, and MAKE NOISE!! Our “Rockstars in Training”will use Ripstix® - POUND®’s lightly weighted exercise drumsticks - to ultimately build strength, confidence, self-awareness, and have FUN while exercising!! 30136-00 June 11-July 2 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $25(R)/$35(NR) RA 30136-01 July 9-30 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $25(R)/$35(NR) RA 30136-02 Aug. 6-27 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $25(R)/$35(NR) RA Register for Your Summer