Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time. • Summer 2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 35 Racquetball/Tennis Permanent Court Time (PCT) Court time can be purchased for $1.00 less per hour, 12 week minimum is required. Court Time Request forms are available at the Rakow Center. Racquetball Challenge This event includes singles, doubles and cut-throat play. Men and women of all skill levels are welcome, and all courts are available. For every three players we will light an additional court. Su/8:00-11:30 am • $7 per player Private Racquetball Lessons Fee: $22/1 hour or $80/4 hours. Two individuals maximum per lesson. Wallyball All three of our racquetball courts are designed to accommodate wallyball play, which is very similar to volleyball, but you can hit off the walls! Stop in today and make your reservation! Court fees: $20/hour (one flat rate) Prime time Non-prime time Hours $12.00/hour $9.00/hour M-F/6:00 am-8:00pm M-F/5:00-9:00pm M-F/6:00 am-5:00pm Sa/7:00 am-5:00pm Sa/7:00 am-1:00pm Sa/1:00-5:00pm Su/7:00 am-5:00pm Su/7:00 am-1:00pm Su/1:00-5:00pm Rakow Center Racquetball Youth Tennis Session Grades 1-12 This class will have your child starting to enjoy tennis through successful instruction that emphasizes hand-eye coordination through drills that incorporate catching, ball tossing, footwork, drop hitting, and basic groundstroke fundamentals. Wear tennis shoes, and be sure to bring your own racket, water, and sun protection. Whether you are a beginner or continuing your instruction in tennis, this class will build skills in hand/eye coordination and proper footwork. We will also work on basic groundstroke fundamentals which include the appropriate grip for volleying, overheads, and serving. Grade: 1-5 37260-10 June 13-16 M-Th/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-11 June 20-23 M-Th/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-12 June 27-30 M-Th/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-13 July 5-8 Tu-F/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-14 July 11-14 M-Th/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-15 July 18-21 M-Th/1:00-2:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP Grade: 6-12 37260-18 June 13-16 M-Th/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-19 June 20-23 M-Th/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-20 June 27-30 M-Th/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-21 July 5-8 Tu-F/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-22 July 11-14 M-Th/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP 37260-23 July 18-21 M-Th/2:00-3:00 pm $40(R)/$55(RN) HP Tennis Courts are located at the following parks. Grafelman Park Huffman Park See page 51 for the park and facilities map. Lions Park Sleepy Hollow Park