Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time. • Summer 2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 49 Golf 5-8 years Each week will cover different topics, such as technique, rules and etiquette. Once the instruction is complete, participants will play golf on the Links and Acorn short courses. Juniors will be put into different groups each week with the chance to win prizes individually and for their group. Your entry fee includes: instruction, golf, hat, facility usage, and prizes. 33102-01 June 7- July 19 Tu/10:30 am-12:00 pm $235(R)/$255(NR) $200(Golf Member) ROGC 9-13 years* Each week different rules, etiquette, course management, or skill will be discussed. Some weeks juniors will work purely on skill development, while other weeks they will play 6 to 9 holes of golf, supervised. Players will also have official matches held in the evenings. These matches will be contested against other teams within the Oaks PGA Junior Golf League. Players will have an opportunity to make the season ending All-Star team based on their performance. The best All-Star team in the Midwest has the opportunity to compete in the PGA Junior League National Championship in the fall of 2022. Your entry fee includes: golf, team shirt and hat, staff supervision, facility usage, and prizes. *CANNOT BE 14 PRIOR TO 8/1 Program: 33104-01 Practice Dates: June 8-July 20 • W/9:30 am ROGC Fees: $325 + $100 to PGA = $425(R) $375 + $100 to PGA = $475(NR) $225 + $100 to PGA = $325(Golf Member) Time: 9:30-11:00 am (Pickup time may be later for on-course practice days) 4-13 years This program is centered on fundamental elements of the game making it perfect for beginning players as well as those with moderate experience. Instruction is led by our PGA Professional staff and focuses on putting, chipping and full swings with irons and woods. Day 3 of each session is an on-course game day. It is recommended that participants bring a driver, iron, and putter to each class. Red Level 33107-Section # 4-6 years Tu-Th $95(R)/$105(NR) ROGC Blue Level 33108-Section # 7-9 years Tu-Th $95(R)/$105(NR) ROGC Green Level 33109-Section # 10-13 years Tu-Th $95(R)/$105(NR) ROGC A facility of the Dundee Township Park District SECTIONS DATES TIME Section 01 May 24-26 5:00 pm Section 02 May 24-26 6:15 pm Section 03 June 7-9 5:00 pm Section 04 June 7-9 6:15 pm Section 05 June 21-23 5:00 pm Section 06 June 21-23 6:15 pm Section 07 July 12-14 5:00 pm Section 08 July 12-14 6:15 pm Section 09 July 26-28 5:00 pm Section 10 July 26-28 6:15 pm ACORN JR. LEAGUE JUNIOR CLINICS u13 OAKS PGA JR. LEAGUE Summer GOLF At Randall Oaks Golf Club