Winter Program Guide 2021 • Winter 2021-2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 11 Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time due to guidelines. Health & Fitness Specialty Yoga 12 years & older Most people are familiar with the general benefits of practicing Yoga: de-stressing and recharging your mind, strengthening and stretching your body and improving your balance. But did you know Yoga can be used to relieve the pain and discomfort of achy shoulders, lower back and neck issues? Each of these topics will be addressed in our Specialty Yoga Series. Attend one class for a specific topic or both at a Special Series Rate of $35 for both classes. Please bring your own pillow, if needed. Yoga for Achy Neck and Shoulders 10132-00 Jan. 31 M/6:00-7:00 pm $20 RORC Yoga for Lower Back Pain and to De-Stress 10132-01 Feb. 7 M/6:00-7:00 pm $20 RORC BOTH Yoga Achy Neck and Shoulders and Yoga for Lower Back Pain and to De-Stress 10132-02 Jan. 31 & Feb. 7 M/6:00-7:00 pm $35 RORC Foam Roller Workshop 12 years & older For those times when stretching is just not enough, you may need our Foam Roller Workshop. Left unattended, painful trigger points or “knots” lead to muscle tension and dysfunction in the body. This self-care technique uses your own body weight to apply pressure to these trigger points allowing your muscles to relax. Bring your own Foam Roller or purchase a Foam Roller with your registration. 10133-00 Jan. 9 Su/10:00-11:30 am $20/$55(with purchase of a Foam Roller) RORC 10133-01 Feb. 6 Su/10:00-11:30 am $20/$55(with purchase of a Foam Roller) RORC 10133-02 March 13 Su/10:00-11:30 am $20/$55(with purchase of a Foam Roller) RORC Rollerball Yoga 12 years & older Learn to use Yoga Massage Balls to deeply massage stressful “knots” in your muscles releasing tension and pain, leading to muscle relaxation. These techniques will also help with relieving pain from sciatic issues, arthritis, stiff neck, carpal tunnel and TMJ. Other benefits include improving your posture, becoming more flexible and preventing injuries. We will end each class with Shavasana to feel completely relaxed and renewed. A set of Yoga Massage Balls is included in your registration! 10125-00 Jan. 6-27* Th/4:15-5:00 pm $19(R)/$29(NR) RORC 10125-01 Feb. 3-24 Th/4:15-5:00 pm $25(R)/$35(NR) RORC *No Class 1/13 Meditation Workshop 12 years & older Learn to let go of all the “extra stuff” cluttering your mind in our Meditation Workshop. Explore several meditation styles from a scientific and psychological perspective allowing you to decide which style is best for you. Chairs will be provided; however, if you prefer to sit on the floor, please bring a comfortable cushion. Also, bring a blanket or pillow as we will end the session lying on the floor for a “sound bath meditation.” 10120-00 Jan. 9 Su/11:45 am-1:15 pm $20 RORC 10120-01 Feb. 6 Su/11:45 am-1:15 pm $20 RORC 10120-02 March 13 Su/11:45 am-1:15 pm $20 RORC Black FRIDAY FITNESS SPECIALS Register for 3 fitness registration classes during the 2022 calendar year, receive a 25% discount\on the 4th class! Follow l FOROUR FRI-YAY SAVINGS! Register Today! www.dtpd .org