Winter Program Guide 2021

22 | Dundee Township Park District • Winter 2021-2022 • Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time due to guidelines. Childcare School’s Out Club Grades K-5 Keep your children entertained on days off from school with this program! School’s Out Club is held at the Rakow Center, where children will spend the day in a camp-like setting. A variety of activities will be planned for the children including in-house entertainment or field trips, arts and crafts, games, and swimming at our indoor pool. Please send your child with a sack lunch, and a swimsuit and towel. Questions? Call (847) 428-7131. Each child will need to be signed in daily by an adult and signed out by an authorized person. Please arrive no later than 8:45 am. All activities are pending health and safety guidelines. Refunds for cancellations will only be issued after all expenses have been covered. No refunds will be given when cancellations are made on or after the day of attendance. Resident Fee: $45/$50 Nonresident Fee: $65/$70 Online registration is available. ^ Enroll by this date and receive the $5 discount. Program # Date Day/Time Enroll By^ 51170-03 Nov. 22 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 11/15/21 51170-04 Nov. 23 Tu/7:00 am-6:00 pm 11/16/21 51170-05 Nov. 24 W/7:00 am-6:00 pm 11/17/21 51170-06 Dec. 20 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/13/21 51170-07 Dec. 21 Tu/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/14/21 51170-08 Dec. 22 W/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/15/21 51170-09 Dec. 27 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/20/21 51170-10 Dec. 28 Tu/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/21/21 51170-11 Dec. 29 W/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/22/21 51170-12 Dec. 30 Th/7:00 am-6:00 pm 12/23/21 51170-13 Jan. 17 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 1/10/22 51170-14 Feb. 21 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 2/14/22 51170-15 March 4 F/7:00 am-6:00 pm 2/25/22 51170-16 March 28 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 3/21/22 51170-17 March 29 Tu/7:00 am-6:00 pm 3/22/22 51170-18 March 30 W/7:00 am-6:00 pm 3/23/22 51170-19 March 31 Th/7:00 am-6:00 pm 3/24/22 51170-20 April 1 F/7:00 am-6:00 pm 3/25/22 51170-21 April 15 F/7:00 am-6:00 pm 4/8/22 51170-22 April 25 M/7:00 am-6:00 pm 4/18/22 May No School Dates TBA School’s Out Club is held at the Rakow Center. Winter Break Spring Break *All childrenmust have a signedwaiver in order to participate. Please allowa fewminutes to sign the formwhen dropping off your child. Register Early & SAVE!