Winter Program Guide 2021 • Winter 2021-2022 • Dundee Township Park District | 25 Due to COVID-19, programs and offerings may change at any time due to guidelines. Sports PeeWee Sports - Sports RUs 3-4 years with parent Parents will help their children in developing socialization, teamwork, direction following, and key motor skills. Each week, participants will experience the game of such sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 12950-01 Jan. 8-Feb. 5 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12950-02 Feb. 19-March 19 Sa/9:00-9:45 am $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Pee Wee Soccer - Sports R Us 3-4 years Kick in some excitement with this instructional program perfect for the first-timer. With the use of smaller sized soccer balls, players will learn the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and goaltending. Instructors will work with participants on good sportsmanship, participation, and teamwork. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 12960-01 Jan. 14-Feb. 11 F/4:30-5:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC 12960-02 Feb. 25-March 25 F/4:30-5:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC Soccer & T-ball - Sports R Us 3-4 years Socialization, teamwork, following directions, key motor skills, and fun will be the focus in this non-competitive environment. For the first three weeks of class we will focus on soccer, and the next three weeks, we will work on baseball skills. Games will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 12980-01 Jan. 12-Feb. 9 W/4:30-5:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12980-02 Feb. 23-March 23 W/4:30-5:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Lil Pint Soccer - Sports R Us 5-6 years All the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and goaltending will be taught in a non-competitive environment. Teamwork, participation and good sportsmanship are stressed. A game will be played at the end of each class. Contractual 12970-01 Jan. 14-Feb. 11 F/5:30-6:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC 12970-02 Feb. 25-March 25 F/5:30-6:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC Lil Pint Basketball - Sports R Us 5-6 years With the use of age-appropriate equipment, participants will start building the fundamentals for simple drills. Participants will learn skills in passing, shooting, dribbling, and rules of the game. Teamwork, participation, and good sportsmanship are all stressed throughout the class. Contractual 12990-01 Jan. 8-Feb. 5 Sa/10:00-10:50 am $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12990-02 Feb. 19-March 19 Sa/10:00-10:50 am $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Go Girl Go! Sports & Craft Camp - Sports R Us 5-7 years This camp is a great way to introduce basketball, soccer, kickball, T-ball and much more in an all-girls environment. Basic skills in all sports are taught, and games are played at the end of each class. The girls will do sports for the first half of the camp and do a fun craft for the second half. The last class will be a fun sport of their choice and a fun tie-dye project. Contractual. 12971-01 Dec. 27-31 M-F/10:00-11:30 am $94(R)/$109(NR) RA Basketball Speed & Agility Camp - Sports R Us 6-11 years This program will introduce your children to the game of basketball if they are beginners or need the know-how to get to the next level. Basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense will be taught. Games will also be played to show the importance of teamwork in game situations. Contractual. Ages 6-8 12993-00 Dec. 27-31 M-F/12:00-1:30 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RA Ages 9-11 12993-01 Dec. 27-31 M-F/1:30-3:00 pm $94(R)/$109(NR) RA Dodgeball - Sports R Us 7-9 years Participants will learn the rules for playing dodgeball as well as develop proper throwing techniques, strategy skills, and teamwork. A variety of dodgeball games will be played while using soft, spongy balls for the safety of all players. Contractual 12961-01 Jan. 14-Feb. 11 F/6:30-7:30 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC 12961-02 Feb. 25-March 25 F/6:30-7:30 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) SJC Basketball Training Camp - Sports RUs 7-12 years We will enhance the basics you may have learned and advance your skills that will concentrate on more teamwork and game strategies. Our speed, agility, and jump training session is built to make our participants faster, stronger, and more agile athletes. We use SKLZ equipment for our class which multiple coaches highly recommend. A scrimmage game will be played at the end of each class. Contractual Ages 7-9 12991-01 Jan. 8-Feb. 5 Sa/11:00 am-12:00 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12991-02 Feb. 19-March 19 Sa/11:00 am-12:00 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Ages 10-12 12991-03 Jan. 8-Feb. 5 Sa/12:00-1:00 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12991-04 Feb. 19-March 19 Sa/12:00-1:00 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Floor Hockey - Sports R Us 5-10 years This class is for both the experienced player and the beginner. This fast-paced, low-competition class will promote shooting, passing, teamwork, positions, and game strategies. We provide the sticks and pucks; safety goggles and mouth guards are recommended but not necessary. Contractual Ages 5-7 12910-01 Jan. 12-Feb. 9 W/5:30-6:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12910-03 Feb. 23-March 23 W/5:30-6:15 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Ages 8-10 12910-02 Jan. 12-Feb. 9 W/6:30-7:30 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL 12910-04 Feb. 23-March 23 W/6:30-7:30 pm $52(R)/$67(NR) AL Give Lacrosse a Try - Yeti Lacrosse 8-14 years Learn to play Lacrosse from the top coaches in the area. Have a blast catching, throwing, and shooting. Beginners welcome and all equipment will be provided. Contractual 17110-00 Dec. 10 F/5:00-6:00 pm $15(R)/$20(NR) RA 17110-01 Dec. 17 F/5:00-6:00 pm $15(R)/$20(NR) RA 17110-02 Jan. 7 F/5:00-6:00 pm $15(R)/$20(NR) RA 17110-03 Jan. 14 F/5:00-6:00 pm $15(R)/$20(NR) RA