Winter/Spring Program Guide

See Membership Benefits on page 14 FromNovember 26-December 21 SAVE $5&Receive a FREE 13”Plush Animal* *Choose between a cow, horse or pig. Make the Perfect Gift! GiftCards *When you purchase $100 in DTPD Gift Cards between Dec. 1-23, 2018 FREE $10 GIFT CARD! * Ra n dall Oaks Membership 2 | Dundee Township Park District • Winter/Spring 2018-2019 • Pay in Full Receive a 13th Month FOR FREE! Annual All-Inclusive FITNESS MEMBERSHIP* NEWMEMBERS PURCHASE AN **PaybyElectronicFundsTransfer NEW & EXISTING MEMBERS 20% Off 10or 20Personal Training Sessions Pack *NewmembermustpurchaseanAnnualAll-InclusiveFitnessMembershipandmake appropriatepaymentattimeofpurchase.FREEmonthwillbeappliedtotheexpiration dateofapaidinfullmembership.AllEFTpolicytermsapply. Pay Monthly ** The $25 sign-up fee will be waived! Valid November 23-25, 2018 FITNESS MEMBERSHIP SPECIALS OR 25 % OFF 2019 POOL PASS OR POOL PUNCH PASS ThepoolpassandpunchpassesarevalidatDolphinCoveFamilyAquaticCenter, RakowCenter IndoorPool&SleepyHollowPool. November 23-25, 2018 Receive Purchase at either Rakow or Randall Oaks Recreation Centers Registration Desks. Friday • 8:00 am-8:00 pm, Saturday • 8:00 am-4:00 pm and Sunday • 8:00 am-Noon. 10 Visit Pool Punch Pass $30(R)$45(NR), 20 Visit Pool Punch Pass $60(R)/$90(NR) Individual Pool Pass $60(R)$96(NR), Family of 2 Pool Pass $101.25(R)$150(NR) Family of 3 Pool Pass $127.50(R)$183.75(NR), Family of 4 Pool Pass $150(R)$213.75(NR) Family of 5 Pool Pass $161.25(R)$232.50(NR) - Discount Already Applied POOL PASS SPECIAL Black Friday