Are you interested in joining a golf league? Randall Oaks hosts numerous golf leagues for men and women Monday through Thursday and our Couples League on Friday nights. All of the leagues offer a good mix of fun and competition.

Below is the list of the leagues Randall Oaks hosts. Not all of these leagues are open to new members. Please check the Contact section of the table below. To contact the league captain for possible openings, click on the link next to the league that best fits you. The link will take you to a form to fill out that will be directly emailed to the league captain. 

Note: It is best to contact league captains by the end of March to inquire about availability

Name 9H or 18H Gender Time Starting 9 Contact
Our Gang 9H Men 3:30-4:00p First 9 Privately Organized
Monday Night 9H Men 4:15-5:10p First 9 Full
Deuchler 9H Men 3:30-5:10p Second 9 Captain
Duffers 9H Men 6:30-7:30a First 9 Captain
Toppers 9H Women 7:30-8:10a First 9 Captain
Sunshine Girls 18H Women 8:30-9:10a First 9 Captain
Tuesday Night Men's 9H Men 4:00-5:10p First 9 Captain
Golferettes 9H Women 3:30-4:20p Second 9 Captain
Hit or Misses 9H Women 8:15-9:00a First 9 Captain
Nine & Dine 9H Women 9:10-9:18a First 9 Privately Organized
Dell Webb Edgewater 9H & 18H Men 9:30-10:30a First 9 Privately Organized
Stanley Strokers 9H Co-Ed 4:00-5:00p First 9 Privately Organized
Swing Aways 18H Women 7:30-8:15a First 9 Privately Organized
Diamonds in the Rough 9H Women 8:30-9:30a First 9 Captain
Thursday Night Men's 9H Men 4:00-5:30p First 9 Captain
Fox Valley 9H Men 4:00-5:00p Second 9 Privately Organized
Dell Webb Sun City Earlybirds 18H Men 6:45-7:30a First 9 Privately Organized
Couples League 9H Co-Ed 3:30-5:30p First 9 Full

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