Permanent Tee Times

Are you looking for a place to play golf every Saturday or Sunday morning?

Permanent Tee Times (PTT) are offered to foursomes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The PTT season runs from early April through the middle of October. The tee times range from 6:00 am to 9:00 am during peak daylight.

The Randall Oaks PTT program has many special features, including the PTT Tournament Program. This program is designed to increase the level of enjoyment for your players and also allow groups to compete in an event once a month during their normal tee time and win prizes.


  • Annual Admin Fee: $360 per group ($90 per person)
  • Non-Resident: $76 to ride | $63 to walk
  • Resident: $69 to ride | $56 to walk

For more information, please get in touch with the Pro Shop via the contact form on this page.

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Permanent Tee Time Tournament Program Details


  • April 29th/ April 30th Weekend: 2 of 4 Best Ball
  • June 3rd/ 4th Weekend: 2 Person Aggregate
  • July 8th/ 9th Weekend: Individual Stableford
  • August 5th/ 6th Weekend: 2 Person Best Ball w/ Golden Hole
  • August 26th/ 27th Weekend: 4 person (1 best on par 5s, 2 best on par 4s, 3 best on par 3s)
  • September 23rd/ 24th Weekend: Individual Stroke Play

Event Integrity: Emphasis will be put on these changes for 2023

  • Randall Oaks staff will post all scores to CDGA handicap system on event days.
  • Randall Oaks staff reserves the right to exclude a player from tournament winnings if the player has clearly not posted previous scores. They would still be valid for CTP contests.
  • Players without an active handicap will play to a zero handicap.
  • Players are expected to play by the USGA/local rules.
  • Players are expected to putt out completely to turn in an official tournament card. 

New Prize Breakdown 2023*

Closest to the Pin Contests

  • $10 to each winner
  • Contest on all par 3s for Blue Tee players only
  • Contest on all par 3s for White & Green Tee players only

4 player events

  • Payouts to top 4 teams

2 player events

  • Payouts to top 8 teams

Individual events

  • Payouts to top 20 individuals

End of Season Player Points

  • Payouts to the top 10 individuals on the points list

*All payouts are in the form of club credit and will be added to your account at the golf course. Club credit is redeemable for merchandise or food & beverage.

2023 Randall Oaks G.C. Local Rules 


  • Men: Blue Tees
  • Seniors 60+: White Tees optional
  • Women: Green Tees 

Out of Bounds: The following out of bounds shall be observed. 

  • The golf course perimeter as marked by boundary fences and/or white stakes. 
  • The parking lot behind holes #9 and #18 
  • In-course out of bounds left of hole #15 tee. (Cannot play backwards down hole #16) 
  • Driving Range is NOT OB, but players should be cautious and obey 3 minute time limit for searching. 
  • Links Course/Practice Area left of hole #10 is NOT OB

Hole #2 & #17: Protection fences shall be played as a temporary immoveable obstruction. Find your nearest point of complete relief from stance, swing and intended line of play. Then you may take one club length of relief no nearer the hole WITHOUT penalty. 

Hole #6: This drop area is NOT in play for these events. 

Flower Beds: All flower beds should be played as ground under repair. 

Stones in Bunkers: Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions. 

Local Rule, OB / Lost Ball: If a ball is hit out of bounds or deemed “lost”: A player has the option to play the newer local OB/lost ball rule. This rule allows you to drop the ball adjacent from the spot out of play, up to two club lengths in the fairway, no closer to the hole, for a 2 shot penalty