Sponsorship Opportunities with Dundee Township Park District

Dundee Township Park District seeks to provide a valuable return to our sponsors in terms of exposure and advertising while finding new funding sources to build upon programs and services to our community. There are many opportunities to support the vision and work of Dundee Township Park District, which can be scaled to accommodate nearly every marketing budget. Our sponsorships allow companies and organizations to achieve a high degree of visibility within the Dundee Township community.

Each sponsorship packages can be customized to fit your specific needs by contacting Katie at kkeller@ dtpd.org. Deadlines and pricing are specific to each event.

Depending on your sponsorship package, you'll receive:

  • Inclusion in our seasonal program guide, mailed to every household in Dundee Township (nearly 25,000 residences)
  • The opportunity to attend events sponsored to promote your business
  • Your company logo is printed on all marketing collateral
  • Much more!

Questions? Ready to sign up for a sponsorship? Email Katie at kkeller@dtpd.org or call (847) 428-7131.

Other Opportunities

You can learn more about other opportunities to help support Dundee Township Park District.

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