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Competitive Swim Team

The Dundee Township Park District offers a competitive swim team year-round for every level of competitive swimmer. For questions, please contact head coach Deidre Morgan  at dolphinsheadcoach@dtpd.org.

Dundee Dolphin Swim Team | 6-18 years

Dundee Township Park District is the sponsor of an age group swim team, Dundee Dolphins. It is a team of USA Swimming registered swimmers between the ages of 6-18 that train and will compete locally.

Head Coach: Deidre Morgan  dolphinsheadcoach@dtpd.org

Dundee Dolphins Team Website: www.dundeedolphins.org

We are a year-round team that offers a program for all levels of swimmers. Our philosophy is to teach and refine the four competitive strokes, moving the swimmers forward with their progress and helping them advance toward their goals. We are an ISI team, home to both recreational and competitive swimmers.

Our Vision/Mission Statement is: To be committed to provide a positive environment, to challenge and develop our members to become exceptional young citizens, athletes, and swimmers. To create and maintain an enjoyable and productive swimming environment. To allow and assist every member to reach his or her desired level of swimming within their commitment. To recognize each member and value his or her role in the success of our team. To encourage family participation, positive mental attitude, and mutual respect.

There are four different divisions of the Dundee Dolphins: 8 years and under, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, and 13 years and older. Evaluations for potential Dundee Dolphins Swim Team members will be held on August 19 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm. All potential new swimmers must attend. Evaluation based on skill and time commitment determines which group/division you should register for.

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Jr. Dolphin Swim Team | 6-14 years

Unsure about joining the swim team, but have you been through swim lessons and want something more? Then look no further than our Junior Dolphin Pre-Swim Team. This pre-team will help you build endurance, refine stroke techniques, and be in a team setting without having the big competitive team feel. Two-time trials are held so swimmers can see improvements - no ISI fee is required for this team. Swimmers will receive a Dolphin swimming cap. A team suit is not needed; however, one can be purchased with the Dolphin team if desired.

Jr. Dolphin Pre-Swim 36780

Jr. Dolphin Pre-Swim
Rakow Center
Ages between 6 through 14.99
Fees (R/NR)
$190 / $230

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