Traveling Animals

Traveling Animal Ambassadors

The Randall Oaks Zoo Traveling Animal Ambassadors come straight to your classroom or organization. Our program is a fun and hands-on educational experience for Preschool through High School students, and it's tailored to your curriculum goals.

Program Themes

  • All Creatures Great and Small – Learn and meet animals from a friendly opossum and a feisty ferret to a Madagascan hissing cockroach!  Perfect for all ages and those looking to experience multiple animals from the animal kingdom.
  • Getting Global – Visit with animals originally from countries and continents far away. Learn about these globe trotting animals and their habitats.
  • It’s a Bug’s Life – Is something bugging you to learn about bugs? Well, then, this is the program for you. Explore the wonders of insects while seeing them up close. Animals may include cockroaches, superworms, crickets, and even a rose-haired tarantula.
  • Defense! Defense! – Did you know that a skunk’s spray can temporarily blind a predator? From the color of their fur to the spines covering their bodies, animals have amazing ways to protect themselves.
  • Reptastic – It’s All About the Reptiles – Meet reptiles and learn about their unique adaptations. Reptiles will include lizards, tortoises, turtles, and snakes. It is time to slither our way to you.
  • Racing Extinction – Find out how you can help endangered species in this hands-on program that will teach students about invasive species, urban wildlife, and their impact on endangered plants and animals. Get empowered by this presentation!
  • Zooperheroes – We all know Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman. But do you know that many animals have superpowers as well? From keeping our forest floor clean to keeping pests away from our homes, nature has some pretty serious superheroes. Learn about the amazing things that animals can do!

Program Length: 45 minutes
Fee: $165 per program

To schedule a visit from the Traveling Animal Ambassadors, contact Kath at (847) 551-4310 x5006 or