Tree Memorial Program

Honoring a person or group with the dedication of a tree is a unique way to celebrate their life and achievements. Through the Memorial Tree program, our parks team will work with you to find an appropriate location for a tree that can mark a lasting legacy for your special pet, person, or group.

  • Fee: $800
  • Trees generally are in the 2” to 3” caliper range, typically native or cultivars of species native to northern Illinois. 
  • A 4” x 6” bronze plaque with up to 4 lines of text, mounted in concrete and set near the base of the tree, is included. Lines of text hold up to 15 characters (spaces count as characters).
  • Planting occurs in spring or fall. 
  • The exact location is at the discretion of the Dundee Township Park District.
  • District staff will establish and maintain the tree for its life. Trees are guaranteed for 10 years and will be replaced: 
    • Should they become inviable through disease or storm damage 
    • Future park renovations take place that affects the tree 
      Reasonable efforts to contact the initial requestor will be made in advance of any relocation/replacement efforts. 

Placement of items such as flowers, candles, decorations, or other tributes is not allowed and will be removed during routine park maintenance.

For more information about memorial trees, please contact Park Services at (847) 551-4310.

Tree Memorial Form